Welcome to Move Without Pain

Welcome to Move Without Pain

Did you know an estimated 17 million Australians could benefit from orthotic intervention?

That’s 17 million people that have the potential to move without pain with the right treatment.


Having worked in the podiatry field for more than 30 years, Dan Everson has become an industry leader in evidence-based orthotic intervention. Following decades of extensive clinical research and consultation with experienced podiatrists and universities, Dan created the Kinetic Method, a patent-protected process to design and manufacture orthotics to optimise the way force is transferred when walking or running.

Put simply, an individually tailored Kinetic Orthotic can:

  • improve mobility
  • reduce pain
  • increase stability
  • reduce the risk of injury

How we do it

We use our purpose-built, cloud-based Sensokinetic digital platform to capture patients’ key measurements and movement patterns. All it takes is a few simple observations and tests to determine the relevant orthotic intervention required, and an individualised orthotic can then be produced for the patient.

This patent-protected technology enables us to address patients’ individual concerns by activating muscles that aren’t working well, redistributing excessive pressure and improving the way muscles work together to help them move more freely.

Who can access the Sensokinetic platform?

  • Patients
  • Accredited podiatrists and other allied health practitioners e.g. physiotherapists and occupational therapists

We’re committed to helping more Australians move without pain, and work with podiatrists across the country to help provide more consistent and effective functional orthotic interventions.

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