Clinical Tests

Principal activity velocity

In recent years, there has been a shift in attention towards subject specific variables… Learn More »

Foot pronation force test (supination resistance test)

When the person’s feet are pronated, their weight is transferred from the heel to the… Learn More »

Big toe force test

During the gait cycle, just before the big toe lifts off, it needs to flex (about 65°)… Learn More »

Touch the toes test

This test is performed standing with both legs straight. We do this test to evaluate… Learn More »

Lunge test

The lunge test is a weight bearing test used to assess the range of motion of the ankle… Learn More »

Everson fascial cord tension test

One of the aims of good shoe/orthotic fitting should be to facilitate the correct flexing… Learn More »

Big toe assessment

The big toe plays an important role in foot stability and efficient walking. Its function… Learn More »

Weight bearing & non-weight bearing arch height tests

All the bones in the foot move during the gait cycle. In an ideal foot, this choreographed… Learn More »

Hyperextended knees observation

A hyperextended knee is a knee that bends back on itself. That is, it locks fully back… Learn More »

Too many toes test

This test assesses standing foot posture. If the person’s feet turn inward, instead of… Learn More »

Abductory twist observation

The abductory twist can only be observed with the person walking. When the heel comes… Learn More »

Heel soft tissue gradient test

This test evaluates the amount of soft tissue in the area of the heel closest to the inner… Learn More »