Big toe force test (modified jacks test)


During the gait cycle, just before the big toe lifts off, it needs to flex (about 65°) relative to the big toe joint.

The aim of this test is to determine how much force is required to initiate the joint of the big toe to flex for the person to be able to walk.

Lowering this force can improve gait efficiency and reduce the chance of damage to feet and lower limbs.

To perform the test

  1. Ask the customer to stand upright in a relaxed, weight bearing position and to look straight ahead.
  2. Place index and middle finger on top of the big toe joint to stabilise it. Place the thumb under the tip of the big toe.
  3. Try to lift the big toe. Assess the force required to it off the ground.
  4. Select Easy, Moderate or Hard (for each foot) and enter your answer in the relevant field on the Move Without Pain website.
Big toe force test

Big toe force test